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In addition to being a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I’m also a certified RESTART instructor. The RESTART program is part nutritional education, part real-food challenge and part support group that focuses on how to use real food to boost your energy, reduce inflammation and get rid of sugar cravings so that you can feel your best. Now, if you know me, I’m not a fan of diets or restrictions or even typical detoxes, and that is not what I want this program to be. The program will be focused on learning how to fuel your body with real food.  It’s about learning what foods work for you, and becoming aware of how you feel. Yes, there are foods that are encouraged and foods that are not. But the framework is built around getting your body back in balance and not relying on sugar to get through the day. However, my favorite part of the program is the educational component. I believe that knowledge is the key to making real changes for your health, and this program will provide great insight into digestion, blood sugar balance, fats and more. I teach this both in person and also virtually, so it’s literally open to everyone! Get a group of friends together or sign up for one-on-one classes. This is a 5-week program that can seriously change your life. Contact me here or email me at for more information.


Looking for safer skincare and cosmetics options? I got ya! I love to help people find skincare and cosmetics that perform well for your skin, without sacrificing health. Read more here on why safer skincare is so important to me, browse some products, or contact me at


Looking for something else? Contact me here, and let me know the types of wellness services you would like to see. I’m here for YOU, to support your health and wellness goals, so let me hear ’em!