About Me


Hi! I’m Jenn, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the face behind Simply Health by Jenn, a resource bringing you information about real health.

Through my training with the Nutritional Therapy Association, I’ve learned the importance of what we put into our bodies. I firmly believe that real, whole foods and nutrient dense diets are the keys to nourishing our bodies and restoring good health. However, I also believe that health is more than what food we eat. I believe that true health also encompasses our mental, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes that means kale, and sometimes that means ice cream on a hot summer night. Sometimes that means drinking lots of water, and sometimes that means ordering a large mocha latte with extra foam from your favorite coffee shop. Physical and mental health are both important.

My passion for true health and wellness has led me to where I am today, an NTP with a desire to help others to achieve their own version of optimal health. At Simply Health by Jenn, I’m excited to share with you pieces of my life, fun health information, and other random tidbits in hopes that you will learn a little bit more about yourself so that you can feel your best-both physically and mentally! Thanks for joining me!

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