Easter, a mid-week date and a really quick week!

Does anyone else feel like this week flew by? David and I got back in town Monday afternoon, so I felt a day behind all week. I also spent a couple days babysitting my niece and nephew, so before I knew it, it was the weekend!

Our meals felt a little off this week, but we were still able to throw together some good dishes.

Sunday: Easter!

We had wonderful time with David’s family in North Carolina for Easter, and had a delicious Easter meal of salmon, steak, rice, salad, and veggies. Yum!

Monday: Rotisserie Chicken and veggies

Weekly Eats

David and I got back to Atlanta Monday afternoon, so we pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner, which is my go-to when when I don’t have time to cook or do a full shopping trip. We paired the chicken with some roasted broccoli and potatoes. Super simple. I then used leftover chicken for lunches and other meals throughout the week.

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash

I still had spaghetti sauce in the freezer from the other week, and also had Vegan Kale, Cashew and Basil Pesto from Trader Joe’s left, so I cooked a spaghetti squash to use up the sauces we had. I added chicken from Monday night to the pesto sauce for David, and I ate the squash with the red sauce. I absolutely hate wasting food, so this was a good way to finish a few things off before they went bad.

Weekly Eats

Wednesday: Concessions at the Atlanta Hawks Game

David texted me earlier that day saying his work had given him Atlanta Hawks tickets, plus concession vouchers for the game that night, so scratched our plans (aka our usual low key evening at home) and headed into Atlanta for the night! We had a fun time cheering on the Hawks (even though they lost) for a midweek date. As you probably can tell, concession stand food would not be my typical pick for food, but it was all what we had…plus the snacks I brought (or snuck) into the arena. David got pizza, and I got chicken tacos made with pulled chicken, pickled onions and fresh cilantro. And you know what…the tacos were actually pretty good! I didn’t eat the tortilla since I don’t do well with gluten, but the tacos kept the hunger at bay until we got home and I could eat more food. 🙂

Oh, and guess what other kind of tacos they had at the Hawk’s game? Cricket tacos!!! Yes, crickets as in the insect. Interesting, but gross. And no, I was not going to try them.

Thursday: Random

We had small group Thursday night, but it was at an earlier time than normal. I wasn’t that hungry, but knew that I needed to eat something beforehand or I would be HANGRY by the time we got home. I made myself a smoothie with berries, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, spinach, kale and cinnamon, and then made David an easy breakfast for dinner meal too- two fried eggs with breakfast potatoes.

Weekly Eats
Old photo, but similar smoothie.

Friday: Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein from Little Bits Of Real Food and Real Talk

Weekly Eats

I had already planned on making an asian dish tonight, but since we had a lot of spaghetti squash from Tuesday, I looked up a recipe that would utilize the rest of the squash. I used this recipe as my inspiration, but ended up changing it a bit and adding additional ingredients, per usual. 🙂 I used a slaw mix from Trader Joes that had kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cabbage, a small bag of frozen stir-fry veggies, and ground turkey. I also added a dash of red pepper which kicked up the spice. Delicious!

Saturday: Memphis BBQ Company

Weekly Eats

I was super hungry for dinner and David said he was in the mood for “a pile of meat,” so we headed to a BBQ restaurant to satisfy our hunger. I got the BBQ plate with pulled pork, pulled chicken, collards and corn on the cob. It was good…not amazing…but we still left pleased and satisfied with dinner. Our server was amazing, which was definitely a pleasant surprise. We haven’t had the best of service at many of the other restaurants we have visited lately, so Memphis MMQ Company definitely wins for that one!

Additional Eats:

Perfect Paleo Banana Bread by Jen Eddins from Peanut Butter Runner

Weekly Eats

I had some bananas that were wayyyyy past ripe, so I made a new-to-me banana bread recipe from Jen’s blog. I added chocolate chips because, well….you gotta add chocolate chips! This recipe was delicious and I take a bite everytime I walk into the kitchen! And it’s even better topped with a little peanut butter!

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