Another Week of Dinner Eats

I know, I know, I am a couple days late on this post. David and I got back in town from Easter Monday afternoon, and I’ve felt behind with everything ever since I got home! I’m babysitting my niece and nephew today and Thursday, so it may be awhile before I feel like I’m caught up on life. Anyone else feel like that after being out of town? But it’s okay, our trip see see my husband’s family for Easter was definitely worth it. I hope you all had a great Easter and weekend as well.

Let’s see…our dinner’s from last week…

Sunday: Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggie Bake by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

One pan meals are seriously the best, so I tried this version from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. I used different vegetables than the recipe-onion, white potato, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, green beans, and it came out great. I loved the spices too. Super easy.

Weekly Eats Week 11

Monday: Breakfast for Dinner

My stomach was feeling a little off, but David was in the mood for pancakes, so I made some of my simple, gluten-free pancakes made from one banana and two eggs. I also added a tablespoon of coconut flour to thicken up the batter, as well as a teaspoon of chia seeds and sprinkle of cinnamon. I microwaved some frozen berries, smashed them up a bit to make them liquidy, and then topped the pancakes with the berries and a little yogurt we had left. David loved them! I always have fun experimenting with new toppings for these pancakes.

Weekly Eats Week 11
Doesn’t photographph well, but it looked good in person!

Tuesday: Taco Bowls with potatoes (layered on the bottom)

I cooked up a half pound of ground turkey with taco seasoning, sauteed some green peppers and onions with garlic, and bam, easy meal. I also roasted up some potatoes for some carbs, which I actually layered on the bottom of the bowl. I’m beginning to think that you can’t go wrong with any potato combo. ( i.e. sweet potato nachos or spiralized sweet potatoes with eggs or sweet potato tuna melts or breakfast kale and potato sheet pan). I also had some fresh cilantro from the previous week, which made the bowls even more delicious.

Weekly Eats Week 11

We didn’t eat all of the sauteed onions and peppers, and I ended up using them in my scrambled eggs the next morning. Best decision ever.

Wednesday: Cumin Roasted Chickpea Chicken Bowls by Cotter Crunch

I had been intrigued by this recipe for awhile, so I decided to finally make it. I followed the chicken and chickpea recipe for the most part, but I also roasted some sweet potatoes, brussels, sauteed some kale, and then added them all bowl and tried to make it a little pretty. David and I enjoyed the flavor, but David wasnt a fan of the texture of the chickpeas. He apparently only like chickpeas in the form of hummus. But we still enjoyed the meal overall.

Weekly Eats Week 11

Thursday: Zucchini Tuna Melts

Once again, a new tuna recipe for us. I cut a zucchini long ways, hollowed out the zuchinni a bit, and then roasted it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes until it was soft. While the zucchini was cooking, I made tuna fish (a little mayo, a lot of mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, italian seasoning), and then filled the zucchini with the tuna, and topped one half with cheese for David. I then broiled the zucchini for about 5 minutes until the cheese was melted. I paired this meal with some roasted potatoes. It was good, but I still prefer our sweet potato tuna melts.

Friday: Burgers and veggies

I’m getting in the summer grilling mood apparently, so this meal was the same as last Friday. But you can’t go wrong with burgers, potatoes, and veggies. I’m now realizing how much we eat potatoes…oh well, we gotta get our carbs!

Weekly Eats Week 11

Saturday: Out to eat

David and I headed to Boone, NC to spend Easter with my father-in-law, so we went out to eat at a restaurant called Red Onion. I got the greek turkey burger (sans bun) with a baked potato on the side. Yum!

Okay, well I am off to babysit…aka be the most exhausted I’ve been in awhile!

Have another great rest of the week!

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