Advocating for Change

If you have been following me on here for some time, you know that I am involved with Beautycounter, a company that sells safe skincare and cosmetic products.You’ve heard me talk about their products, why I love them, and allll the stuff. But the main reason I love this company goes beyond their products-it’s what Beautycounter stands for in their mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

I know I’ve it mentioned it before, but they aren’t just a company trying to sell products to make money. They are a company who cares about your health and believes we all should be able to walk into any drugstore store and buy products that are safe. But the thing is, the FDA hardly regulates the skincare industry. Companies are allowed to put known harmful ingredients into our skincare. And you know what? The last major law to regulate the skincare industry was in 1938!

But having more safe skincare options is not going to happen unless we, as citizens, push for more regulations in the skincare industry to keep our families safe. And is just what Beautycounter does as part of their mission. They advocate for change in the industry for more health protective laws.


Over two weeks ago on March 5, 100 Beautycounter consultants traveled to Washington, DC to meet with representatives about the need for more regulation around skincare laws. They held over 100 meetings on Capitol Hill advocating for change seeking support for The Personal Safety Skincare Act which may be up for a vote this year. This bill would promote more transparency in the skincare industry and give the FDA more authority over the safety of skincare. Although the bill is not perfect by any means, it is a step in the right direction towards safety regulations.

Beautycounter Headquarters also encouraged consultants all around the country to schedule meetings with their own local legislature. Once I heard about this opportunity, I knew that I had to take part. I wanted my voice to be heard about an issue that I feel so strongly about. My reason for joining Beautycounter was never to just sell some products I liked. My reason for joining Beautycounter was because I am passionate about health, and want to make a difference in people’s lives and empower them in their health journey.

Advocating for Change
A few Atlanta-area Beautycounter reps with Ashley Jenkins, the District Director for Congresswomen Karen Handel.

So last week I, along with eight other Atlanta-area Beautycounter consultants, met with the District Director at our congresswoman’s office. One of the consultants opened the meeting by talking about Beautycounter and our mission, and then we each had the opportunity to share our reason for joining the company. It was amazing to hear everyone’s story for why this company’s mission was so important. Most of our stories included health issues (including cancer and infertility!) that led us to take a second look at the ingredients in our conventional beauty products. We then found Beautycounter and knew that everyone deserved better products that would not compromise health. Another consultant closed the meeting by briefly discussing the Personal Safety Skincare Act and encouraging her support on this bill.

Advocating for Change
At Congresswomen Karen Handel’s office

I left feeling so inspired and empowered in this movement that Beautycounter has set forth that I have the privilege to be a part. Beautycounter really is more than a company. When you buy their products, you are not just spending money to get some fun beauty things (although they are!). You are putting your money towards a movement that is advocating for you and your families health. WE ALL DESERVE BETTER.

Wondering how to get involved or show your support?

-Text “BetterBeauty” to 52886 to urge congress to act to act on harmful chemicals in personal care products.

-Purchase the new Beautycounter Red Intense Lipstick. This lipstick was created in celebration of our 5th anniversary and embodies our mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Wear the lipstick and tag a photo on Instagram @beautycounter with #ThisTimeItsPersonal. Also, help spread the word about our movement by sharing Beautycounter Red with a friend. For a limited time, buy 2 and save $10.

The new Beautycounter Red!

Reach out to me if you have any questions about the skincare act or Beautycounter!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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