A crockpot, leftovers and free food

Hi again! I hope you all had a great week last week! It was pretty normal for me, but I also had a couple of fun things thrown in there too! I babysat my niece and nephew, which was quite an accomplishment since I normally (or never) take care of two littles under the age of three. But we had fun, and all made it out alive. I also had a fun Beautycounter meeting last week too, and I’ll share more about that later this week!

In terms of meals last week…well, we had good food to eat every night, but I think I only cooked a handful of times! Never underestimate the power of a rotisserie chicken, a crockpot, leftovers, and free food!

Sunday: Date night at our usual

We moved our date night to Sunday and headed to one of our favorites, Marlow’s Tavern. I was in the mood for a bunch of fresh veggies, so I ordered the Asian Chicken Salad from the Gluten Free menu that came with greens, grilled chicken, tomatoes, fresh avocado, pickled vegetables, cilantro and scallion. It was delicious!

Monday: Sweet Potato Chicken Nachos

I discovered these a couple years ago and love the healthy twist on these nachos. I slice sweet potatoes into rounds and roast them in the oven until soft. I then top with chicken (I used a rotisserie chicken that I bought over the weekend) and whatever other toppings I’m in the mood for. This time, I added peppers and onions that I also roasted with the sweet potatoes. But the topping options are endless…black beans, corn, tomatoes, jalapeños, black olives…whatever your heart desires! I then sprinkle some cheese and broil until melted. I always leave the cheese off of mine, but it’s still delicious.

(Side note: Remember how the past few weeks David has not liked any sort of sweet potato combo? Well, this time I made some regular potato slices too for him, but he ended up really liking the SWEET potato nacho combination! Ha! I never know with that guy…)

Tuesday: Leftover Tikka Masala

I made this several weeks ago and stuck leftovers in the freezer, and we are STILL eating off of it. When I originally made it, I froze it in smaller meal size containers, so it’s been easy to just take out a container at a time to thaw. Super easy meal before small group.

Weekly Eats Week 10
Crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala

Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken Fajitas

My father-in-law was in town for work, so I made my chicken fajitas in the crockpot for an easy and delicious meal! I then set out tortillas, cheese, salsa, sour cream and avocado so that we each could make our own. I used the same recipe as the other week, but I think it came out even better this time!

Weekly Eats Week 10
Beautiful peppers for the fajitas!

Thursday: Panera Salads

I got an email from Panera on Thursday saying that I had a free salad on My Panera card. I was excited, so I logged onto my account to double check, and I found I had TWO FREE salads! I haven’t been to Panera in awhile, so I’m not sure why I got them, but I wasn’t going to ask questions. This actually worked out perfectly because I didn’t have anything exciting planned for dinner, so I swung by Panera on my way home from Girls on the Run practice. I ordered the Green Goddess Cobb Salad and Southwest Chili Lime Salad for David and I to share. The Green Goddess Salad has always been my favorite, but I loved the flavor combinations in the Southwest too. I also made a baked potato for us too, since the salads were pretty low in carbs and carbs are a necessity!

Friday: Leftovers

We had both salad and fajitas left from the week, so that ended up being our dinner. I made some of the fajita chicken into nachos for David, and added additional roasted veggies the the leftover salad for me. A little random, but it ended up being surprisingly good. (P.S. I hate to waste food, so I always try and find a creative way to spice up our leftovers.)

Saturday: Date Night at Stockyard Burger and Bones

This was our second time going to Stockyard, and while we liked it, we don’t think it’s amazing. We started with the smoked pork nachos for our appetizer, and then I got the Stockyard Cobb Salad that came with smoked pulled chicken, roasted corn, bacon, egg, red onion and tomatoes. It was good, but I can’t say it was anything special. However, it was still a great night out with my husband AND I didn’t have to cook!

Weekly Eat Week 10
Not the best photo, but you get the gist!


Enjoy your week friends!

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