A Sense of Purpose

We woke up today with a layer of ice and snow on the ground, with the Department of Transportation advising everyone to stay home. I’m already tired of being snowed in, and it’s not even 9 am yet. Ughhhh.

What is your purpose?

Anddddd now back to the regular scheduled post for today.

The past couple of months have been a huge time of transition for me. As you know, my husband and I moved from North Carolina to Atlanta last November. I went from having a 8am-5pm (plus lots of domestic travel) career working with national partnerships and promotional events at a large nonprofit, to starting a wellness business and working from home. I went from knowing a lot of people in our small mountain town, to knowing basically no one. Don’t get me wrong, this has been a GREAT move for us, but there has definitely a period of transition and figuring out our new normal.

What is your purpose?

I feel very fortunate and grateful to be where I am now in life though, with a blank canvas in front of me and being able to pursue my passions, while also being able to take a breather from a busy work life I had in North Carolina. But, as a Type A personality (times 10!), this is a very hard thing for me. I like to know how much money I will be making so I can plan and save for our future. I like to know what I need to get done for the day so that I am “productive.” (What does that word even mean really? I may do a post on that another time because I am really trying to redefine what that word means for me.) I like to have everything laid out perfectly so that I have a plan and know what I can expect.

But for me at this point in my life, knowing all of those things is not possible. And that’s okay. It’s a really good thing, but it’s also a really scary thing. Basically every other day, I say to my husband “WHAT the heck am I doing with my life? But really, WHAT the heck am I DOING?!?!”

My husband is amazing great at reassuring me that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now, even if I don’t even know what that is half the time. Bless that man for listening to my anxiety thoughts about this ALL THE DANG TIME and loving me so well.

Well, I was listening to a podcast while I was running the other day (I always seem to do my best thinking on my runs…anyone else?), and the guest on the podcast was Dan Buettner, a National Geographic explorer and writer. He wrote the book, The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons From the World’s Happiest People, where he identified the statistically happiest places on earth and what it is that makes those people happy. He mentioned that you can’t measure happiness per se, but you can measure things like a person’s sense of purpose. He defined purpose with this question:

Are you using your strengths to do what you do best everyday?

And that question really hit me. Ultimately, we want to be living out our purpose each and every day, right? Being “productive” or getting my to-do list done means nothing if I am not following God’s purpose for me life. The million questions that were running through my head were then redirected into that one really good question to think about. Am I using my God-given gifts to do what I do best everyday? Or better yet…HOW can I use my God-given gifts to do what I do best everyday?

What is your purpose?
Christ the Redeemer statue in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This was taken on one of my work trips. Beautiful country!

I am still thinking through my answer, and I think our answers can be ever evolving as we change and grow. You may be in a place like me, with a blank canvas out in front or you, trying to figure out the next steps for your life. Or maybe you are going through the motions in your life, just trying to get by each day. Or maybe you are loving your life, truly passionate about the things you are doing.

But I challenge you today to think through this great question with me-

Are YOU using your strengths to do what you do best everyday?

 Happy Wednesday!

What is your purpose?

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