You have TWO weeks left.(A Holiday gift guide for those last little things.)

I know I’m a little late to the game all the Holiday Gift Guides going around, but I started this post weeks ago and then took a break because Christmas seemed so far away! And now, here we are, exactly two weeks out from Christmas!!! Woah!

If you need a few more small gifts for people, then this guide is for you! Nothing too expensive (cause let’s be real, I don’t buy expensive things), but these are all things that I love, use pretty much everyday, and will make great gifts!

Lodge cast iron pans: I recently rediscovered my love for cast iron when I unpacked all my pans from our recent move. They all had been in storage from a previous move, and I had not used them in a couple years. I love this 6.5 inch size skillet-it is the perfect size for frying or scrambling eggs. The grill pan is also great. I gave one to David when we were dating so that he could still cook up some burgers when it was too cold or snowy in the winter. And a fun fact for ya-Cooking with cast iron is a great source of iron, especially if you are iron deficient!

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things
LOVE both this cast iron and stainless steel mini spatula.

Mini stainless steel spatula: I seriously use this every day. Like the above, it is perfect for flipping or frying eggs. The metal is sturdy, and the flat spatula part is thin enough where it can easily get under eggs, pancakes, etc. and flip them easily! Such a good gift, and for a great price! Mine came from Mast General Store, but the one in the link above is very similar.

Essential oil diffuser : This is always a great idea for those in your life who lead a more natural lifestyle. And I don’t think anyone can ever have too many of these! I use three different ones on a daily basis…in the living room, at my desk and in the bedroom. I also bring one when I travel. Young Living has some great diffusers, but Amazon also has some great options.

A Holiday gift guide for those last little thingsChapstick: I absolutely love chapstick and have become quite the chapstick diva. I feel like I have tried sooo many brands, and now I have a few favorites that I must have with me at all times. One of my current favorites is from Niadele. I especially love her Just Be Peppermint balm, but she has some great tinted options that are beautiful and feel oh so nourishing too! I also love supporting small businesses, and I happen to know Laura from when I lived in Boone. She has such a true passion for what she does and loves creating cosmetics for women! (Her face powder is also pretty great!) I also love the chapstick from Blue Haven Bee Company. My my mom introduced me to this local Georgia company a couple years ago when she gave me a chapstick in my Christmas stocking. I now can’t go a day without. I love the flavors, and they are super hydrating.

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things
Why does my hand look crazy red in this photo?

Hydro Flask: I think I have talked about my love for the Hydro Flask on the blog several times (here and here). I’m still loving my 32 oz which makes drinking water throughout the day so easy. You can also buy additional tops and straws which can make for great stocking stuffers. (Side note: My 2 year old niece LOVES drinking out of my bottle whenever it’s around. So much in fact that she took a chunk out of my straw lid. Needing to buy another lid asap!)

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things
I bring this with me EVERYWHERE.

Penzeys Spices: My mom got me started on these spices, and I have been hooked for years. They have so many different spice blends that taste amazing and make favoring vegetables or meat super easy. My favorite spices at the moment are the Roasted Garlic, the Fox Point seasoning and Cajun. Penzeys also has gift sets that come in a in a nice box with preselected spices. And these aren’t just for the ladies wither. The Grill and Broil Blends are great for the guys! Make sure to get on their mailing list too…I often get coupons/deals for free spices!

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things
My current favorite spices from Penzeys!

Beautycounter: I’ve been using Beautycounter for awhile now and recently became a consultant to join in their mission of getting safer skincare into the hands of everyone. They eliminate 1,500 harmful or potentially harmful ingredients in ALL of their products, so you truly know you are getting something safe for your family and loved ones. I am especially loving their limited edition holiday gift sets this year. They come ready to give in either a pretty red box or blue and gold tin, so there is no need to wrap. They are also fun (what women doesn’t like to get new makeup?!?!), effective and safe! I also love this for any new mamas (or soon to be mamas), this or this for your friends, or this for the men in your life. P.S In order to guarantee delivery by Christmas, orders much be placed by 3 pm EST on December 13.

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things

Fun gift cards or subscription based services: Gift cards are always a great idea! As much as I know Amazon or Target gift cards will be loved, I always try to think outside the box. For the females in your life, consider gifting a subscription to Birchbox or Stich Fix. For me, I would never buy these for myself, so I loved getting them as a gift to enjoy throughout the year. If you need a gift for a couple, look into Datebox or a gift card to their favorite restaurant for a date night. David and I tried Datebox this fall, and we were so impressed! Each month (you can sign up for just one month too!) Datebox sends you a box with everything you need for a fun, creative and different date night! You fill out a survey when you sign up, and they tailor your date to your preferences. This fall, David and I got a Datebox filled with an “Escape Room” game, apple cider, caramel apple kit, kettle corn, a Spotify playlist link and conversation starters! Such a creative way to have a date, and we didn’t have to plan anything!  I also love the idea of a gift card to Etsy. There are so many beautiful and unique items on Etsy, and it’s a great way to support small businesses too.

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things
The Datebox David and I received in October! So creative!

Bannor Toys: I recently fell in love with the handmade wooden toys from BannorToys. They are a small family-run company who started making toys for their own children and daycare center. People started requesting custom made pieces, and the business grew from there. Their toys are eco-friendly, and made with organic wood and organic paint. I bought my nephew this cute wooden car for Christmas, but they have so many more great pieces too!

A Holiday gift guide for those last little things
I found these on their Etsy page!

I hope this helps you to finish off your Christmas shopping! I, in fact, need to get going with it. Happy shopping!!!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

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