My Favorite Healthy Travel Essentials

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, and I apologize! My travel schedule for work got pretty crazy the past couple of weeks, which left me with little time to blog! Now that I am home for a few weeks before my next trip, I’m having the internal struggle of wanting to write and be productive, but also allowing my body to truly rest and recover. Anyone else struggle with letting themselves rest when they finally have time??

I really have missed writing on Simply Health, so I want to pop in real quick for a post that relates to what I’ve been up to…work travel! Through my many trips the past few years, I’ve determined what my must-haves are when it comes to feeling my best! So here ya go…my favorite healthy travel essentials!

1.Healthy snacks! When I travel, I never know what kind of food will be available or if food will be available when I’m hungry. And as my husband and coworkers knows, it is never good for me to get hungry. I could be full one minute, and then starving the next. #hangry I always make sure to bring nutritious snacks for whenever hungry strikes, and also so I don’t have to rely on less than optimal airport food or hotel/convention center snacks. My favorite snacks to bring are Epic jerky bars, RX Bars, trail mix, Peanut butter/almond butter packets and dark chocolate. I’ve been able to find RX bars and EPIC bars airport shops lately, and it makes me so happy to see healthy options! However, they are pricey in the airport, so I always try and bring my own when I can.

My favorite healthy travel essentials 2.  Workout clothes: I always feel my best when I start my day with a workout, especially   if I have a busy day ahead. I also love exploring a new city by foot, so I’ll always try and run around the city/town I’m visiting. If it’s not safe to run outside, then I’ll hit up the hotel gym. Any sort of movement before I start a stressful day always feels good.

My favorite healthy travel essentials

3. Water bottle: Staying hydrated is so important (Read why here!), but I always find myself drinking less water when I am traveling and out of my normal routine. Therefore, I always bring (I love my Hydro Flask !) or buy a large water bottle that I can refill throughout the trip. (Tip: If you want to refill your bottle in the hotel, I’ve learned the best place to go is the hotel gym. It’s filtered AND cold!)

4. Supplements: When I was really sick and healing my leaky gut, I had to bring so many supplements when I would travel! Now, I just bring a select few that I have found to be most beneficial when I’m away from home. Probiotics/digestive enzymes are a must for me! Most restaurants use poor quality oils and other ingredients that don’t leave me feeling great, so probiotics/enzymes help to support my gut and digestion when I eat foods my body is not used to consuming. They are great for everyday use too, but they are extra important for me when I travel. I switch between using Prescript-Assist and Megaspore probiotics, and I love Betaine HCl , which is really helpful in making sure I have adequate stomach acid to digest my food. I also bring an immune boosting supplement. This is the one I’m loving lately. Airports and airplanes are filled with germs, and traveling always leaves me tired and exhausted, so I try and support my immune system as best I can. I always take a capsule or two on days I’m traveling and then on any other days that I feel extra run down.

My favorite healthy travel essentials

5. Charcoal Cleansing bar: This is my favorite skincare item to bring when I travel! Although I love my Nourishing Cream Cleanser too, this cleansing bar is easier to bring in my carry-on when I don’t check my bag. My face always feels so blah after traveling all day, and the charcoal in the bar binds to toxins and gunk and leaves my skin feeling so clean. Ahhh! The best feeling after a long day. (Tip: You can microwave your bar for 5-10 seconds to soften it, and then use a sharp knife to cut it into chucks. It lasts longer that way, and makes it easy to have one in your travel bag, one at home, gym bag, etc.

My favorite healthy travel essentials 6. Essential Oils and small diffuser: I know this seems a little extreme…a diffuser?!? But yes! Every time I don’t have room in my suitcase to bring it, I always wish I had it. I bring a small one, like this one, and as soon as I get into my hotel room, I diffuse Thieves and Purification to kill any germs and give my room a fresh (and non-toxic!) smell. I’ll also bring a few other oils like lavender for when I sleep or peppermint and ginger in case I get motion sickness on the plane. Bringing my oils and diffuser is my little act of self-care when I am away from home.

My favorite healthy travel essentials

Of course, I bring a lot of other things when I travel, but these are a must if I want to feel my best when I’m away from the comforts of home.

Now tell me, what are YOUR favorite things to bring when you travel?

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